Welcome to Waypoint ...

...Or as we like to refer to it, "our little coffee business"! Our cart may be a bit smaller than the standard brick and mortar, but the heart behind it is huge. We are passionate about forming strong connections within local communities and believe that there is no better place to forge those relationships than over an excellent cup of coffee (or tea). 

Our Approach

Rather than inviting you into a space of our own, we bring our "shop" to you. Up and rolling for the first time in Summer 2017, our 3 x 5 foot coffee cart features a sturdy metal frame, stylish paneling with reclaimed wood design, and a lovely wood countertop which serves as backdrop to our La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine. Our fully equipped mobile coffee bar allows us to provide a full service (and completely customizable) coffee menu at local events and shops throughout the Kansas City area and surrounding midwest region. 

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Based out of Kansas City, MO

Office Hours

M/W/Th 9a-12p

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