Kevin Lucas


Kevin uses his education in business and entrepreneurship combined with over half a decade in the KC coffee industry to bring carefully crafted coffee menus to a variety of events in the Kansas City area.

Favorite Drink: Americano

When you did you start drinking coffee? 2006 … or somewhere in there.

What is your favorite part about working events? When I work weddings, I love getting to be a part of the celebration. I’ve definitely been known to bust a move behind the counter!


Paige Lucas


Paige brings over six years of experience in the events industry to the Waypoint family. In between mom-ing and running her own small business, she helps with client on-boarding and even jumps behind the counter as a barista.

Favorite Drink: Vanilla Latte

When did you start drinking coffee? College…that peppermint mocha creamer got me hooked

What is your favorite part about working events? I always love the surprise on peoples’ faces when they see the coffee cart. Most of the time guests aren’t expecting it, and they respond with so much joy!


Lydia McKay



Josiah Nelson